Framingham, MA: Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fountain Street Fine Art

Materialize: Lisa Barthelson and Denise Driscoll


Denise Driscoll: Cosmic Constant 2


Lisa Barthelson: Stimulation, Family Debris Series


Lisa Barthelson: Catch & Release, Family Debris Series


Framingham, MA: Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fountain Street Fine Art

This gallery has a really cool space, if you can find it in the confusion that is driving in Framingham. It is worth finding, especially if you are already in town to go to the Danforth Museum.

Jeanne Williamson and Marie Craig: On and Off the Grid


Itsy Bitsy Spider (Bancroft Building) by Marie Craig and The Ground Through the Fence #1 by Jeanne Williamson

This show combined photographs on aluminum by Marie Craig, usually of windows and architectural details, with mixed media paintings by Jeanne Williamson featuring amorphous, squared-off blots in a grid formation. What made the installation of the show really interesting was the way works by the two artists were paired up so that they would speak to each other.


detail of The Ground Through the Fence #1, showing how a layer of fabric has been incorporated into the work