North Adams, MA: Wednesday, December 27, 2017 – part 1

(wow am I behind here at posting stuff)


In The Abstract

DSC_0331.JPGDoug Ashford – Many Readings of One Event, paintings and photographs

DSC_0332.JPGanother painting by Ashford – unfortunately I didn’t write down the title

DSC_0335.JPGpartial view of a video installation by Matt Saunders

DSC_0337.JPGForground right: In Bed (how do we sleep when the planet is melting?) by Sarah Braman
Background left: She will lean with her back against the wall by Eric N. Mack


Imagine (legs) by Rose Marcus

I Want to Believe by Brenna Youngblood

Hawaii Lava Concrete Bend by Letha Wilson (c-prints, emulsion transfer, concrete, aluminum frame)



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