South End, Boston: Sunday, March 10, 2013 Part 2

Bromfield Gallery

The gallery had shows by two artists: Carol McMahon: Home Front and Kathleen Volp: Within These Walls, as well as the back room showing works that were collaborations between the two artists. You can see why these artists chose to show and work together: both are working with objects that have to do with domesticity, but are reworked into visually intriguing objects that also bring up associations that could be either amusing or disquieting, depending on the viewer.


Carol McMahon: Home Front (foreground), Brewing Time Varies (background)


Kathleen Volp: White Madonna


Carol McMahon: Symptom Relief


Galatea Fine Art

Ruth Segaloff: Lest We Forget

Assemblages with social and historical associations.


Down the Rabbit Hole: A Leap of Faith, mixed media

Jenny Lai Olsen: Suddenly Pink

Paintings with touches of pink creeping in, mostly abstaction and a few evocative figurative pieces.


Side by Side, oil on canvas


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